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Featured project

This month I am going to take you through a project I am working on using the designs from Gloriana Gold. The collection of 4 sets is available for just $35 during August.

The Gloriana Gold collection

When I digitised these designs I was thinking of the glorious colours of autumn, or fall as most of you call it. Yet despite the tapestry of colour brought to us each year, this is not my favourite time of year. I prefer the freshness and new life of spring, so I decided to take some of the designs, group them together and stitch them out in a riot of fresh greens. Before I go further I must say that although green is my favourite colour, I do not like many of the green threads that are available so it will be interesting to see which ones I use. Watch this space...

This was the complete panel that I created with the designs which I believe will make a great cushion provided I can find the right fabric for each side. Then I worked the magic to take autumn back to springtime.

This week I shall stitch it out and then decide how to share it with all of you!!!

Here you see the leaves and the colours that I used.

I was pleased wth the overall effect of the greens.

So now I need to insert this panel into a cushion cover, finding the right green fabric for each side.














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