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Featured project

Take either the Celtic Angel or the Christmas angel and embroider a very special felt bag for a little girl this Christmas. Embroidering on felt is a dream as you are not likely to get any puckering.

First create the wings on organza and trim them as shown here.

Carefully postion skirt design on piece of felt allowing room at the top for the body, head and wings.

Pin wings in place at the sides, not in the bodice area. Double check your alignment.

If you are embroidering out the Celtic angel there is an applique option for the bodice.

Complete the embroidery to secure everything in place.

Place suitable designs on the back section of the bag and bind withe suitable fabric. I embroidered some the edges and the handles.

Decorate the bag with pearls and crystals if the child is over three years old. Fill with treaures and tie ribbons on the handles.















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