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Pre order service

Want to preview my latest designs before they are released and purchase them at a reduced price, never missing out on a new release?

With the new website scheduled for early 2018 a new Pre Order service will be offered.

Antique sewing machine design - coming soon

Most $30 sets are offered at $20 if you subscribe to this pre order service. Tutorials and Crazy quilt blocks may be a different price.

Only as a member of my Embroidery group can you pre order designs before they are released at reduced prices. I offer a Pre order service to those customers who are keen not to miss out on my new designs as they are released.

This service is free but is only offered to members of my Embroidery group so email me if you would like to be considered.

It is essential that you have an account on the website. If you leave my embroidery group, you will no longer be able to take advantage of this service. When designs are in the last stages of production I preview the images of the designs I am working on, offering customers the chance to pre order the designs at a greatly reduced price. If you have subscribed to the Pre order service, you will be sent an invoice for the designs so you never miss out. The invoice remains good for up to two weeks after the designs have been released, allowing you to pay the original Pre order price which is useful if you are likely to be away or very busy. You have the option to pay by Sage Pay or by Paypal. When you do not want to buy the designs on Pre order just ignore the invoice. You may withdraw at any time should the service be no longer required.


There is no obligation to purchase any of the designs. Refunds cannot be usually given for Pre orders. If you have pre ordered a collection you will be informed as each set of designs is released. They will be waiting in your account when you next log in. There is never any guarantee exactly when pre ordered designs will be released. I endeavour to give an approximate time on the group and also on the product page for the embroidery designs but this is subject to change depending on how long it takes me to perfect the designs. The actual designs may vary from the images shown on Pre orders as some editing may occur. In some cases the number of designs in a set may increases as I see other possiblilities. Please email me if you have any concerns or questions about the Pre order service. Click on this image to find out more about the group and to join today.


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