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Embroiderer's Prayer

In creating a unique prayer appropriate for embroiderers I asked my daughter, Natalie to paraphrase 2 significant verses of scripture. Her twin sister, Jenny created the graphics for me, so this is an unparalleled collection of designs. I hope that you will embroider this prayer and be inspired as well as being challenged by the truth behind it! You will notice that as well as the floral designs, which can decorate your prayer, I have included lace work for borders and corners, which can be stitched in subtle tones of ivory and pink, or just in one colour.

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The Embroiderer's Prayer Collection
Based on 3 reviews.

There are 5 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect the...

Ex Tax: $60.00
Embroiderer's Prayer 1
Based on 1 reviews.

The first set has a selection of small designs which are the elements of the col...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Embroiderer's Prayer 2

The second set has some impressive designs including segments of the prayer. ...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Embroiderer's Prayer 3

I have included borders and corners in this set to decorate your prayer. ...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Embroiderer's Prayer  Freebie

Please feel free to download this design to see the quality of the designs in th...

Ex Tax: $0.00
Embroiderer's Prayer 4

There are a huge variety of gorgeous designs in this set. ...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Embroiderer's Prayer 5

These designs have been created with the 360mm x 200mm hoop in mind because such...

Ex Tax: $30.00
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