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Arabella Bullion Collection

This is a very special collection and I have worked alongside Pamela Cox in producing these exquisite designs. The little bullion roses stitch out perfectly on their own or over smocking panels.

Pamela has also produced Tutorial 9: Smocking bolster cushion for you to compliment this collection. Unique designs will be included in this tutorial.

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The Arabella Bullion Collection

I have worked alongside my friend Pamela Cox in producing these exquisite design...

Ex Tax: $60.00
Arabella Bullion 1

The smallest designs, listed first can be incorporated into the vertical and hor...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Arabella Bullion 2

 This set contains several vertical and horizontal smocking panels, including fo...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Arabella Bullion 3

This set contains both vertical and horizonital smocking panels including blank ...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Arabella Bullion 4

This set contains just horizontal smocking panels, due to the amount of fabric w...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Arabella Bullion freebie

Please feel free to download this design to see the quality of the designs in th...

Ex Tax: $0.00
Arabella Bullion 5

This set contains smocking panels including blank ones so you can customise your...

Ex Tax: $30.00
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