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Victorian Promises Collection

As a flower promises such wonderful newness, life and color with each bloom that springs forth  and these designs capture the beauty of Victorian times I have called them Victorian promises. I hope they have you eager to embroider them out on your next project. These are intricate designs but well worth the time of embroidering them.

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The Victorian Promises Collection
Based on 1 reviews.

There are 4 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect the...

Ex Tax: $55.00
Victorian Promises 1
Based on 1 reviews.

Such beautiful flowers are irresistible! They capture the sentiments of Victoria...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Victorian Promises 2

Another 20 lovely designs in this detailed collection. These designs have not be...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Victorian Promises 3

These large designs will compliment the other designs in the collection. There a...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Victorian Promises 4

All the Victorian bouquets you will ever need that will stitch out in your 8" x ...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Victorian Promises Freebie

Please feel free to download this design to see the quality of the designs in th...

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