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Celtic Knotwork Collection

The Celtic Knotwork embroidery collection has 4 sets comprising of a total of 20 wonderful Celtic designs. Each design comes with an underlay which will give a fuller look to the finished embroidery. This underlay can also  be stitched out on its own for a narrower look. Watch these intricate designs stitch out as the satin ribbon work weaves in and out.

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The Celtic Knotwork Collection
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There are 4 sets in the whole collection and this is the best way to collect the...

Ex Tax: $55.00
Celtic Knotwork 1

This is one of many intricate Celtic designs here at Graceful Embroidery. To enh...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Celtic Knotwork 2

The second set in this collection has another 5 designs in 2 sizes, as well as t...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Celtic Knotwork 3

Some intricate and unusual Celtic designs can be found in this set, each availab...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Celtic Knotwork 4

These designs are more suitable for borders and panels, and each design is avail...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Celtic Knotwork Freebie

Please feel free to download this design to see the quality of the designs in th...

Ex Tax: $0.00
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