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Graceful Oak Leaves Collection

These exquisite oak leaves and little flowers can be used to create your own fabric. Enhance them by popping a little crystal into the centre of the flowers. You may like to consider using some metallic threads too!

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The Graceful Oak Leaves Collection

There are 4 sets, along with a Fabric Block, in the collection and this is the b...

Ex Tax: $60.00
Graceful Oak Leaves 1

Open work oak leaves and delicate little flowers along with sprays of tiny leave...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Graceful Oak Leaves 2

Create stunning embroidery with these oak leaves and delicate sprays of tiny lea...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Graceful Oak Leaves Freebie

Please feel free to download this design to see the quality of the designs in th...

Ex Tax: $0.00
Graceful Oak Leaves 3

The corner design in this set is my favourite = GFE-GOL-3-11. Position GFE-GOL-3...

Ex Tax: $30.00
Graceful Oak Leaves 4

In this set you will find beautiful centre pieces and some lovely border panels....

Ex Tax: $30.00
Graceful Oak Leaves Fabric Block

This fabric block works like a jig saw piece as it sits above, below and at both...

Ex Tax: $30.00
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